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Magento: After “Use Web Server Rewrite” is set to yes, home page loads but other pages give 404 error.

404 Error

To remove index.php from the Urls in Magento, I enabled web server rewrites from Magento admin. I cleared the Magento cache and refreshed the home page. The home page loaded well and index.php was removed from all the links on home page but when I clicked link on any home page it gave me 404 error.  If I added index.php to the page URL in browser manually it loaded well. I had Apache running on Ubuntu.

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Magento System Requirements


Magento is an open source e-commerce platform built on PHP/MySql. It uses parts of the PHP Zend Framework. Like any other software, Magento also has certain system requirements which must be met in order to install and run it.

Lets go through the list of requirements which must be met for successful setup and functioning of Magento.

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