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How to set up HTTP authentication with nginx

We will demonstrate you how to setup HTTP Authentication with Nginx on Ubuntu in this article. We are using Ubuntu 16.04.1 and have nginx version: nginx/1.10.0 installed in our machine.

“htpasswd” is used to create and update the files used to store usernames and password for basic authentication of HTTP users.

Following are the steps that we need to follow:

  1. apache2-utils
  2. Create username and password
  3. Update Nginx configuration
  4. Reload the Nginx Configuration

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Magento System Requirements


Magento is an open source e-commerce platform built on PHP/MySql. It uses parts of the PHP Zend Framework. Like any other software, Magento also has certain system requirements which must be met in order to install and run it.

Lets go through the list of requirements which must be met for successful setup and functioning of Magento.

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