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How to remove index.php from url in magento?


Magento uses the Front Controller pattern, all of its page request go through a single entry point index.php. If you prefer to hide the “index.php” part in the URLs you need to enable web server rewrites in Magento admin.

A URL like “http://www.testmagento.com/electronics/cell-phones.html” is much more user friendly than “http://www.testmagento.com/index.php/electronics/cell-phones.html”, it also hides the fact that the page displayed is a PHP page so hiding “index.php” in URLs is good for security purpose. Hiding “index.php” does not affect website performance in any way neither it affects search engine rankings.

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Magento: After “Use Web Server Rewrite” is set to yes, home page loads but other pages give 404 error.

404 Error

To remove index.php from the Urls in Magento, I enabled web server rewrites from Magento admin. I cleared the Magento cache and refreshed the home page. The home page loaded well and index.php was removed from all the links on home page but when I clicked link on any home page it gave me 404 error.  If I added index.php to the page URL in browser manually it loaded well. I had Apache running on Ubuntu.

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